Farewell Message

They say meeting is sweet but departure is bitter. This is an axiom which we all have to face sooner or later. Every course has to take its action and so the bell rings for our final year friends to buckle themselves and be ready for the next course of action in their life.

The third years are now ready to embark from the College- their Alma Mater and   stand on their own feet and put into practice the skills, knowledge, and concepts   what they have acquired from the college.   The time has come for them to realize their dreams   and make it into a concrete reality. Therefore, nothing can stop them from this journey to which everyone is destined to. It is in this destiny that one finds self fulfillment and self realization. We pray that they all realize their dreams and reach their destiny.

Indeed we are very much touched by your cooperation, encouragement, motivation and friendship during your stay here at St Joseph’s. We are indebted to all your contributions- whether it is in academic or co-curricular activities. Your footprints are visible. They will become an indelible mark in the depth of our hearts, reminding of your sheer hard work and perseverance.

The Josephites will miss you terribly but we   the students of Sociology Honours will not be able to fill the void that you have created in our hearts. You all have won our hearts.  You have bloomed before us showing us that nothing is impossible for a willing heart and a studious heart.

And so the tender hearts of the juniors   are bidding you adieu and wishing you all success. ‘Seasons may come and seasons may go. Everything withers in due course, you know. But there is one thing that still blooms as fresh as the dew and that is the love and affection we still have for you.’ And now good bye,   good luck. May you find happiness and meaning in your life.


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