President's Message

We take great pride of our age-old rainbow of cultures and traditions, yet we are caught at the crossroads of the old and the new, tradition and modern. The furious space of globalization with its impact on the modern society and the consequent rise in the expectations of today’s youth, have called for a paradigm shift in the realm of cultures. At the same time, the youth groping in the darkness, have ambiguity if cultures. Taking advantage of this situation a number of social scientists (sociologists) and critics have mushroomed, rising serious questions with regard to the quality of culture. More important in the name of culture and tradition, we create havoc in our society.

The challenge before us at this juncture is not that which the society has thrown up, but rather that we ourselves need to envisage- transforming the age-old culture by extracting the best of it and remoulds it into a new culture. To do this, we the young sociologists who pass through the portal of this institution, could be the primary agent of social change. We need to develop our critical and analytical sociological imagination, well versed with its methodology, approach and theory.

Globalization has redefined the culture for us posing innumerable challenges in every sphere of life in our society. However, we the young sociologists as we enter into the Jubilee Year of the College, hope to face the challenges and stand the test of time, creating a new global culture through assimilation of al hat is good in age-old traditions and cultures, rejecting the ill of it, and redefining culture, giving in a strong source of identity and rootedness in the modern world.

This Magazine is the expression of our vision reflected in the articles presented. As we bring out this issue I express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to the college management, lecturers of the Department, editorial committee and all the contributors fro their precious genuine and sincere expressions.
I wish all of you a happy reading. Young sociologists let us continue and arise and shine, forever keeping in mind our motto, “To Excel and To Serve”!
Department of Sociology 
St. Joseph’s College

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