Special Notes to My Seniors

This winter seem chillier and the silence more profound, the birds do not venture out of their nest and the choric chirping is no more heard around. All the Josephites wear a long gloomy face. Is it because it’s the season of farewell and goodbyes? Or is it because the older birds are going to leave their Nest and venture into the woods?

We the Josephites are being shaped and molded in the nest of St Joseph’s College, Jakhama. As we the young fledglings are being formed intellectually, emotionally and socially, the Third Year Friends are shining with multi colours ready to fly out of their nest. You have sufficiently been nurtured with potentials; your competence to excel, your creativity to serve and your imagination to be productive in future life cannot hold you back in this beautiful nest. You have no choice but to happily spread out your wings in glory.
          The other day I was in the college’s canteen during the lunch break, two of my senior friends were discussing about their future visions what they would do. One said, “I will bring at least some changes in my village by helping the youth who are victims of modernization.” And the other said, “I will do MSW first and later I’ll work against violence and killing in Naga Society.”

We are indeed very much touched by your cooperation, encouragement, motivation and friendship during your studies at St Joseph’s. We are indebted to all your contributions- both in academic and in co-curricular activities. Your footprints are visible. They will become an indelible mark in the depth of our hearts, reminding us of your sheer hard work and perseverance.

We the Josephites in general and the juniors in particular have bid farewell to your affluent hands. You have bloomed before us. Your departure has created vacuum which can be filled only by you ‘visionaries’.
         The tender hearts of the juniors are warm and throbbing to bid you adieu and to wish you all success. Once again we wish every good wish that you can wish yourself.
          I touch my heart as the Eastern do
          May the peace of Christ abide with you
          Wherever you go, wherever you are
          May the beautiful palms of Christ grows
          Through days of labour and night of rest
          May the love of Christ make you blest
          I touch my heart as the Eastern do
May the peace of Christ abide with you…
 (To all the friends especially to- so and so…And now, good bye, good luck. May you find happiness and meaning in your life.


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