The Eight Sisters of India

The virgin forests of Arunachal
Sparkle its rosy cheek as the Sun first kisses its Land
With gentle rays of New Hope
The snow-clad ton of Sikhim touches the heaven
Bringing bliss with majesty to its land and people
Cold airstreams sail from the mountain top
To the Brahmaputra vale of Assam
Fill with Symphony by women folks, gathering the gem
Clothing with majestic floras and faunas and bio-diversity
The sweet dawn and twilight hymns of birds
As it mingles with the wild orchids of Meghalaya
Twinkling in the morning dew as the Sun rises
The tinkling sound of bangles
As cold water cascades down to the Umiam Lake
Vacationer leisurely rowing away at dusk
Lost in the scenic beauty of nature
Angelic blend daffodils on the hills of Nagaland
Gently curving as the wind blows
Its supreme beauty - never sundry, yet evergreen
The melody of Mizo damsels from the hilltop
The finest choir singers amongst the sisters
O! ‘The land of Jewel’ oval vale
The fairy Loktak and the unique Sanghai
The gentle steps of the usual dances
Thunders the heart of every creature.
The kingly state of Tripura
The bud migrants crowning with multi cultures.
O! These eight sisters of Northeast India
With their unique characters and loveliness
Hub cultures shine in the sky
The Paradise in India.

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