Ode to Manipur

The erstwhile princely state, a hub of culture
‘The land of gems’
With her enchanting vistas of untrammeled
Beauty and ancient traditions.

Oval vale amongst cloud-kiss blue hills
Admixture of colourful communities
Inspiration from wondrous balance of environs
‘A flower on lofty heights’
World’s rarest orchids spring from the fertile soil
The endemic flora and fauna
Sangai- the dancing deer, rarest of creatures
Her rich natural heritage.

Her reputation shines for its traditions of arts
O! The ‘jewel of India
The economic and fluid movement of the spear dances
The melody of the men and women folks
Origin and indigenous version of games
Her lyrical Ras Lila dance is a gift
To India’s panorama of classical dance.

A veritable beauty, rainbow cultures ever alive and shine
Manipur- ‘the little paradise on earth’
The epitome of the world tribes and cultures
Shining in the Milky Way.

Manipur, Oh Manipur! Ah Manipur
Alas! Oh why? Why? Why?
Can you stand still with Thy Name?
                       Or, will you become “A Little Hell on Earth?”

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