What a Day!

A new day has dawn when the world sleeps
I thought that was my dream
But everything was in reality happening 
That day was filled with joy and fun
That feeling is so strong and sparkling new
To big in a world but not in my heart
The fun, silly actions- the beautiful imperfection
And that will last and I want that again.

The trust and love did run my life open
Turn the dark world to the heavenly amusement
When the world walks out, walk in to lead
The world hates me the things I do
But, my heart and mind knows the best
The choric angles sing heavenly choir of joy
A stream of Peace and joy bubbling in me
Inviting one and all to be what you are.

A little while minds were stolen
Anxiety, fear and timidity embalmed us
But then to wonder we were not wiser
A light beaconed us on the dusty highway to zenith
So, we made everything; everything us
And then the meadow-land of paradise dawn.
That Place I'd dwell forever
Where I belong.

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