Should Valentine's Day be Celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is a popular global feast that is becoming increasingly popular in India over the years. It is celebrated on February 14 in Gregorian calendar. The symbols of Valentine Day are flowers, cupid, arrows, love birds, the colour red and hearts. Hearts symbolize Love. It is also a symbol of life. Giving one’s heart to another person, so to speak, is the ultimate expression of love. Valentine’s Day is a day to express one’s love to one’s loved ones. Please note that we are not wild or domestic animals doing whatever we feel like to do; there is something called law which every citizen should abide by. We are not only emotional beings but rational and social beings; we, therefore, need to follow laws or rules of the society. We should not go with the winds of the crowd either, but do anything with at least some dept reasonable conviction.

Are we afraid that our rich culture will die by celebrating love day? Is our culture so weak and fragile? I don't understand, why should not we celebrate Love day if we can celebrate any other feast like Diwali or Id etc.?  Here are some important solid reasons why we should celebrate Valentine’s Day. They are:-
1.    Valentine day is a feast of Love. Every human being wants to love and to be loved. Everyone has right to love and right to express love too.
2.    Every culture or religion invites us to Love. And God is love and we share that divinity of God in us. So we ought to love and to be loved.
3.    Valentine day is a global feast of love. Every religion or culture celebrates Love in a variety of ways. It happens to be celebrated Love day on 14th Feb only because St. Valentine, who showed true love, was murdered on that day, so in honour of that true love, we celebrate it on that day. Any society can celebrate Love day on any fixed day. It depends on a society or a religion or a community or a state.
4.    It should be celebrated because married or unmarried couple can renew their love to one another on this day. Valentine day can be a good day for any couple to have a quality time with their loved ones. They can relive on this day their commitment to love, cherishing the beautiful moments of their love life.
5.    If Valentine day is celebrated properly, many divorces or other love problems could be solved. By celebrating this day, the couple can strengthen their friendship and love. They can forgive and forget one another’s misconduct too on this day.
6.    It is a day to give one’s heart to another person so to say, give oneself fully to the other.
7.    Every culture has a binary pole- good and evil. We need to acculturate good cultures of others and banish the evil practices of our culture. So that we can build a better global world to live in.

The above reasons, therefore, strongly support that we should celebrate ‘Valentine Day’. It is a day of love. We should celebrate love. By celebrating this love, we will know the true meaning and true value of love. So friends let us celebrate Valentine’s Day and grow in love.

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